Robert Coverdale
December 3, 2020

Travelers want magic.

Not the David Blane kind of magic, although that is good, travelers want the everyday kind of magic that comes with new and exciting experiences. After Thanksgiving we had hordes of hungry guests asking us where to go to eat. Our top questions after Thanksgiving were:

“What's the best rooftop”

“Where to EAT” 

“Where to eat with a view”

Over 50% of all users in the week after Thanksgiving requested a Rooftop bar, a place to eat, or a place to eat that also has a rooftop option.

You would think everyone was full after the Thanksgiving meals, but I guess all the walking around the city spurs the appetite. We found that travelers want much more than just good food. They want a show. They want the full experience. The lights, the excitement; they want the magic of NY.

Luckily this town is never short on magic, but delivering to travelers is so important. It’s what drives the positive reviews, the repeat visitors and the pictures on social media.

Creating magic is not easy but it can be done, it's about delivering on the details. Helping the travelers find that special night they would not have found on their own. They want the smiles, the held doors and all the small displays of unique items that make spending time at the business pleasant. It all starts with finding that perfect spot to spend your night.

During the week we had a few questions about where to eat good Chinese food. Sounds simple, but finding chinese food is not the real question. Afterall, it's New York. Getting chinese food is easy. It can be delivered in less than 20 mins and the web will list a local restaurant. But that's not what people want when they ask us for Chinese. They want to know where to have a great experience, in an exciting atmosphere that's different from what they see every day, while they eat Chinese food. They want to taste something unique that can only happen here. They want a magical experience.

All business owners are thinking about how to grow their business during a pandemic. As you evaluate marketing tactics and new outreach methods, spend some time to focus on the magic of your business. What makes your business so unique and how do people experience when they spend time & money with you.

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