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Traveler satisfaction is our primary measure. Our service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide assistance whenever its needed. We want travelers to create special moments, love their time away from home and remember their stay when they consider their next trip.


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We're all short on time, but not as much as your guests. New York City has so much to explore figuring out where to spend limited time is valuable for your guests. Our quick recommendations give your guests time back and remove questions from your hotel lobby.

Smart templates & partner pricing makes getting started easy and affordable for every hotel size. Partner pricing includes a conversation credit that lowers the monthly cost with each unique conversation. As your guest usage goes up, your cost goes down.

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We created Khonsu to help travelers find the most amazing places & activities in New York City based on their interests. It’s a simple, fast, and easy way for users to get information on the go by just asking a question.


Use our 5 star contactless service to separate yourself and strengthen your room rate.

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Find negative experiences during the stay and increase the number of positive social reviews.

Simple setup and Pricing

Simple setup and adjustable pricing model makes getting started easy and affordable.


We recommend local businesses to travelers. Get in touch and tell us about your restaurant, event or activity.

Traveler Reviews

I was in NYC; working for Covid 19 and loved the fast response, helpful tips, and accurate information.

Traveler NYC

The fact they are so helpful and knowledgeable is amazing! Fast response times.

Traveler NYC

Great information and points you in the right direction based on your preference, ILoved the way the categories was broken down, thank you

Marketing Menager

Whenever you're in New York and need help or suggestions, definitely hit them up. Their live agents were so friendly and helpful! Thanks for helping making our stay memorable!!!

Marketing Menager

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